Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tracey & Phillip . . . Married ♥


I think every bride agrees that a lot of work goes into planning a wedding and it doesn't stop until you are on your way to be married. But with a glass of wine in hand and her friends by her side, this bride pulled off calm and casual like no other.

Tracey and Phillip were initially supposed to be getting married in May, but due to their close friends moving back to New Zealand they bought it forward so that they could share their special day with them.

Unfortunately Tracey's mum couldn't make it and as Tracey took the first look in the mirror at herself she was trying to fight the tears in order to save her mascara...

She did very well up until video calling her Mum.. but that's to be expected.

Before we left the place where Tracey got ready, we managed to sneak in some quick snaps of her and her Bridesmaid ~ and a glass of the delicious Moet of course ~ this is just one of the many photos and laughs shared between these two throughout the day.

Then it was a quick dash down to the beach to catch up with the guys before the arrival of the Bride. They certainly picked a beautiful hot Perth day, the guys were sweltering that's for sure, but they still looked sharp as they waited patiently.

Tracey and Phillip's wedding day was so full of smiles and laughs, and as you can see the pair just adore each other

.....and then they became Husband and Wife! ♥

At this point I'm sure all of the bridal party, their guests and even myself wanted nothing more than a cold drink... but everyone hung in there and as we were running out of time before their lunchtime reception we could all see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I sure am glad the light at the end of the tunnel didn't come around too fast though..
I mean, just look at this stunning bride!!

The scenery at the beach where Tracey and Phillip got married was great, even the clouds put on a nice show for the day.

They are one of these couples that just look right together and you know that they are going to have such a happy marriage and enjoy the rest of their lives together.

Tracey and Phillip are so thrilled to finally be husband and wife. I don't think anyone could have taken the smiles off their faces even if they had tried.

Tracey and Phillip, congratulations again, you are such a great couple and thank you for letting me photograph your special day! I wish you all the happiness in the world for your future ahead.

Be happy, create memories and treasure them forever. L .

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  1. Thanks dear for these brilliant photographs from Tracey & Phillip. It can be clearly seen from the photos how enjoyable their wedding ceremony was. The last photograph has awesome scenery. We too want to get married such scenic NYC venues. Do you guys have any recommendations for good ones in NYC?