Friday, 17 January 2014

Lucy & Shane's post wedding portraits ♥

 Lucy wore a beautiful a-line flowing dress that suited her slim figure so well.

 Shane just dotes over Lucy.. you can't tell me you don't see the love as he looks Lucy in the eye!

The feeling is mutual, these two are so in love and have a lot of jokes and fun between themselves!
They simply would do anything for each other.

 These photos were taken at Rarangi beach, great for the golden tones and numerous different locations,
I just love it!

 As I mentioned the love in Shane's eyes earlier and the feeling being mutual,
look at the way Lucy looks at Shane.. enough to make you weak at the knees!

 ...and of course, all sealed with a kiss! x

It was great doing some post wedding photos with you both.
These newly weds were so smitten and coming up to their one year wedding anniversary,
I'm sure they still are! ~ Bliss ~ ♥

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